Because the Krays’ reign of terror went unchecked, the very fabric of law and order in the country was undermined. He took Boothby to the gambling club the Krays ran in Knightsbridge, where the peer was instantly besotted by a good-looking teenager called Leslie Holt, a croupier there (as well as a cat burglar and male prostitute). I went on holiday and returned to discover that my house had been broken into and my study ransacked. But, in reality, the seeds of a high-level cover-up had just been sown and they would grow into an almighty scandal. She had thighs like hams and hands like a stevedore. He also believed that the upper classes always saved their own, which was why it was wise to be in with them. I have met the man alleged to be King of the Underworld (Ron Kray) only three times, on business matters.

This involvement of politicians with known criminals was scandalous enough, but I find the cynicism with which it was brushed beneath the carpets of Westminster much worse. Transgressing sexually was his real obsession, and Ron was ready to oblige, though not in person. Simultaneously, it later turned out, senior politicians were also alarmed about Boothby and his links with criminals. The Krays were deemed untouchable, and, with no one able or willing to rein them in, they ran amok The Krays were deemed untouchable, and, with no one able or willing to rein them in, they ran amok. I wrote a book about the Krays, initially at their request and with their cooperation. But, in the process, he also saved the Krays. Who knew when help from such a quarter might be useful.

So it was that the politician and the gangster became friends. Since then, papers released at the Public Record Office have not only confirmed everything but revealed irrefutably the involvement of senior politicians in suppressing the truth. At private flats and houses he would arrange sex shows, starting with blue movies and moving onto performances specially tailored to the tastes of those he wanted to impress..
. His assumption was correct  -  but at enormous cost to the well-being of Britain and its people. ...

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